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KSI Beats Logan Paul In Los Angeles Rematch



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KSI and Logan Paul dropped the amateur gloves and reentered the ring for a rematch.

In this year’s most anticipated boxing fight, millions tuned in to DAZN and Sky Box Office to see the winner of the seemingly neverending KSI v. Logan Paul beef.

Logan came back bigger, stronger and ready to take the winning title; KSI doing the same but actually taking the winning title home for the United Kingdom.

The fight itself hosted thousands of audience members with celebrity guests including Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, all wanting to see blood, sweat and tears — knockouts and stumbles.

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Surprisingly, the fight went the full six rounds without a knockout ending the match, but that didn’t stop the referee pausing the boxers practically every 20-30 seconds for clenching too often and continuing to lay punches as they huddled.

Paul was criticised by the referee after performing an illegal punch after he knocked KSI to the floor before laying a further punch to the back of his head as he fell to the ground; in turn, the referee took away 2 points and told Logan that he can’t do that before giving KSI a moment to recover in the corner before allowing the fight to continue.

The results were made by the judges’ scorecards, which ultimately gave KSI the winning title.

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Many professional boxers took a stance on social media and gave their verdict, with Amir Khan saying, “2 novice fighters put on a good fight tonight. Well done my friend [KSI] and unlucky Logan Paul. A 3rd fight wouldn’t surprise me.”

On the note of another fight, Paul wants the third instalment, whereas KSI has shut down the idea almost instantly, saying, “It’s done, it’s done. It is done.”

The fighters themselves have also put an end to their never-ending beef, both hugging and KSI saying, “Aright… You know what, we’ve got to have some respect. It takes a big man to get in the ring, and you’re a big man. You made me work today, and you made me work last year as well. Thank you for a good fight bro.”


Paul responded, “Thank you, brother.”

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You can watch the fight here

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