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Lady Gaga Didn’t Ask Bradley Cooper To Marry Her



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Lady Gaga recently split from her finacé, Christian Carino, and rumours of her asking Bradley Cooper to marry the Applause singer are circulating. 

Busting The Headlines — one of our favourite categories and ongoing battles — are here to set the record straight.

In Touch published their latest magazine this month, and the front cover story headline says “Gaga Stuns Bradley ‘Marry Me’”. We have news for you, dear reader, this didn’t happen.

According to the frequently incorrect tabloid, Lady Gaga asked Bradley to marry her, with an unreliable source telling them, “As insane as it sounds — and Gaga thinks it’s pretty crazy too — she just had to follow her heart and go with her gut,”.


Bradley is alleged “stunned” by the proposal, sorry, alleged proposal. Although Bradley supposedly “has deep feelings” for Lady Gaga, he sadly rejected her proposal.

Guess what though, “the timing isn’t right, no matter how strong his feelings are for her,” — absolutely devastated. The poor woman just threw all of her emotions at him, and he rejected her. That is the statement we could have made if this were true, which it isn’t.

The alleged insider continues, “Gaga understood… This won’t hurt their relationship. If anything, it will make it stronger because now everything is out in the open.”

Christian “would be devasted if he found out that she’d proposed to Bradley — especially so soon after their split. It would confirm what he suspected all along about the actor being the real true love of her life.” their “source,” continues.


In summary, Lady Gaga didn’t propose to Bradley, they aren’t seeking a relationship and ultimately just have a close friendship. Our guess, their recent duet together has triggered an idea of fabricating this story.

Lady Gaga and Bradley sang their song together at the Oscars, Shallow:

Another reason that may have brought this story to life is the fact the close friends were seen together with Lady Gaga wearing bright-red lipstick and Bradley rocking some red lipstick markings on his face.