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Law & Order Creator, Dick Wolf, And Noelle Lippman Are Separating




The creator of Law & Order (the dun, dun is in our head too), Dick Wolf, and his wife of 12 years, Noelle Lippman, are calling it quits. 

According to legal documentation, obtained by, Dick filed for separation on December 3, 2018, from his third wife.

Separation being the keyword here, Dick hasn’t filed for divorce, instead filed for separation which completely separates their assets apart — but Noelle has quickly followed his tracks to the court and submitted her own documents which ask for spousal support.

It has been estimated, Dick makes between $10 million (est. £7,833,150) to $15 million (est. £11,749,725) a month.


All of the above, however, doesn’t impact any child support — the couple has 2 children aged 8 and 11 — Dick’s lawyer told, “The lawyers for the parties are in the process of negotiations.”

Enjoy the Law & Order dun, dun: