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Malachi Kirby Cast To Play Both Leading Roles In ‘Anansi Boys’




Malachi Kirby has secured not one but two starring roles in Neil Gaiman’sAnansi Boys‘.

Variety reports that Kirby will play both the leading roles of Charlie Nancy and his brother, Spider. He joins Delroy Lindo, who play the part of Nancy’s father.

The new series follows a young man, Charlie Nancy, who is used to being embarrassed by his father (Lindo). When he dies, Nancy discovers that his father was a trickster god named, Anansi. He also learn he has a brother, Spider, who becomes determined to stir up Nancy’s life.

Malachi Kirby is an actor of astonishing sensitivity, charm and power,” said Gaiman. “We needed somebody who could bring us the humanity of Charlie and the godly dangerousness of Spider; who could play two very different characters and who could in many ways carry the show. We found Malachi, and I am so thrilled that we did. He’s astonishing.”


Anansi Boys‘ will be a six-episode series, produced by Amazon. Production will begin on the show in Scotland later this year.

Kirby is famous for his appearances in series’ such as ‘Doctor Who‘, ‘Roots‘, ‘Black Mirror‘ and ‘Small Axe‘. His work has been recognised by a BAFTA and two Screen Nation Film and Television Awards.

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