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Mark Zuckerberg Catches Waves On Rare Day Off From Facebook



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Mark Zuckerberg gave us an example of the world around us away from social media. 

Ironically, the opening sentence saying away from social media — the Facebook boss posted a couple of images surfing waves on Instagram.

Taking a day off work, the 35-year-old shared a moment with his followers on social media of him being towed behind a boat by Kai Lenny; tow-in surfing seems to help Mark disconnect from online reality.

Squatting down, clutching the tow-rope as he rode waves on a yellow board, he seemed to have a good handle. Captioning his post on Instagram, “Trying a new sport in Kaui with one of the best @kai_lenny,”



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Trying a new sport in Kauai with one of the best @kai_lenny.

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Commenters never fail to poke fun at the billionaire-boss, with one fan writing, “Careful not to short circuit out there boss!!!” and another said, “Don’t fall into the water or your circuits will fry.”

Kai is a huge wave surfer and celebrity watersports enthusiast living in Maui, and in 2012 he achieved recognition at the Hawaii Island Finals SUP pro — he surfed into first place and even snagged first place at the Sunset Beach SUP pro.

Here’s Kai in action.

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