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Miley Cyrus Announces She Will Be In The Next ‘Black Mirror’ Season



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Miley Cyrus has announced to fans that she will have involvement in the upcoming season of Black Mirror.

The former country singer told Howard Stern during an interview that she will be involved in the series — but was limited on details. 

In an emotional interview where she opened up about her Malibu home burning down during the wildfires, Miley was egar to answer Howard’s curiousity explaining, “I’m really excited for everyone to watch the ‘headshaking project’… the minute I say I never want to do something again, all of a sudden, there I am,”.

She went on to say that she has “learned a lot” about herself, and promises Black Mirror fans that she plays a role “with a lot of dynamic,”. 


Miley’s currently working on her new album which is slated for release next year — it certainly seems that we’ll see a lot of her in 2019. 

Are you excited about seeing, and hearing, a lot of Miley next year?