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Morgan Wallen Apologies For Racial Slur Amid Record Deal Suspension




Morgan Wallen is facing backlash after a video surfaced of him using a racial slur.

The 27-year-old country music singer was captured on video using the N-word as he arrived back at his home in Nashville with a friend.

According to TMZ, the video was captured by a neighbour’s doorbell camera over the weekend, where Wallen claims to have been drunk walking back into his property after saying, “Take care of this p***y-a**-n***a,” as he walks inside.

In an apology statement he says, “I’m embarrassed and sorry. I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that I wish I could take back. There are no excuses to use this type of language, ever. I want to sincerely apologise for using the word. I promise to do better.”


Last year, in October, Morgan was found to have broken COVID restrictions by attending a crowded party in Alabama which left him uninvited from performing on Saturday Night Live. Fast-forward two months later, SNL re-invited him back onto the show where he performed and even took part in a skit that mocked him over his partying. Wallen was also arrested in May 2020 for public intoxication and disorderly conduct outside Kid Rock‘s bar in downtown Nashville.

As a result of using a racial slur, his record label has suspended him, saying, “In the wake of recent events, Big Loud Records has made the decision to suspend Morgan Wallen’s contract indefinitely.”

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