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In this modern age, privacy is a serious topic and by submitting information to unCrazed it’s paramount that your understanding in our process to handle it securely is given.

SendSafely is a free and easy way to send your news tip; available on most platforms (Mac, Windows and Linux).

Simply visit their website and install the plugin for Google Chrome and you are ready to become a valuable, anonymous source. All communications using this application means the emails you send to us are encrypted and untraceable – peace of mind when you are providing the next world-exclusive headline.

When you are ready to send your news tip, drop our address ( into the recipient box and your email will be ready to send.

For sources that are content in the knowledge that we promise to keep your information confidential and would prefer to contact us via insecure methods, please use the form below and if your submission peaks our interest we may contact you for more information.

Finally, you may use a piece of a tree and send it to our headquarters:

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