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R. Kelly’s First Male Accuser Testifies Against The Star At Trial



R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s first male accuser has testified against the singer at trial, claiming that the star sexually assaulted him as a teenager.

Kelly, who is currently on trial for nine charges, one for racketeering and eight for violations of the Mann Act allegedly preyed upon young women and teenagers for “sexual purposes”.

The singer has denied any wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty to all the charges brought against him.

As the Trial continued on August 30, the alleged first male victim of Kelly took to the stand. The man, who is using the pseudonym Louis, said that he met the singer in 2006 whilst working at a McDonald’s in Chicago.


He claims that Kelly gave him and a colleague his mobile-phone number during a night shift at the restaurant. Louis’ mother later called Kelly, in hopes that he would help her son with his music. During the call Kelly is said to have invited Louis and his family to his mansion for a party.

Louis, then stated that he had travelled to Kelly’s home on a number of occasions after the party to record music.

On one visit to his mansion, Kelly allegedly asked Louis “what I was willing to do for music” and if he had ever fantasised about having sex with men. Louis then alleges that Kelly got down on his knees and proceeded to give him “oral sex” and afterwards told him to keep the incident “between him and me”.

A woman, also testified against Kelly yesterday on August 30, claiming that the singer sexually assaulted her backstage at one of his shows.


If convicted, Kelly could face anywhere from 10 years to life in prison.

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