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Sam Hunt Arrested For DUI



? Metro Nashville Police Department/unCrazed Composite

Country star Samual Hunt has been arrested for drunk driving. 

He was allegedly driving on the wrong way on a street in Nashville when he was stopped by law enforcement — with witnesses claiming they spotted him swerving his vehicle.

Law enforcement says he stunk of an intoxicant, namely alcohol, and his bloodshot eyes caused them to believe he was highly under the influence of drink before finding two empty beer cans near his driver’s seat.

Cops also claim when he attempted to pull out his driver’s licence from his wallet, he instead handed them his credit card and passport before admitting to “recently” drinking.


A field sobriety test was carried out to which a blood-alcohol level check was conducted reading twice the legal limit at .173 — he was arrested and released on Thursday morning after posting $2,500 bond.

Sam is scheduled to appear in court for DUI on Januar 17, 2020.

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