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Scarlett Johansson Wants Colin Jost To Quit Saturday Night Live?




Once again, we’re busting a Hollywood tabloid, Star, that has claimed Scarlett Johannson wants her partner, Colin Jost, to quit Saturday Night Live.

Our headline questions the truth behind the article and rightly so, because it’s completely false. Reported by Gossip Cop, they have connected with their reliable source who tell them it’s completely made-up.

The alleged source for Star told them Scarlett has a very demanding schedule and wants her boyfriend to make “some big compromises” which includes leaving Saturday Night Light to travel with her.

They continue by saying, “Long-distance isn’t good for their relationship. The harsh reality is that Colin needs to think about leaving the show if he wants to devote more time to Scarlett.”


Someday, fake news will become a past pet-peeve. Until then, we’ll keep you in the loop on the facts.

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