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Superman Revealed As Bisexual




DC Comics announced on National Coming Out Day that the latest incarnation of Superman will be bisexual. 

In the upcoming comic, Superman (Jon Kent, son of Clark Kent) will become romantically involved with a pink-haired reporter, Jay Nakamura.

The announcement came on an annual LGBQT+ awareness day, National Coming Out Day.

Past issues of the comic see Jon tackling world issues, such as climate change, high school shootings, and protesting against the deportation of refugees.


In an earlier issue, Jon struck up a friendship with Jay.

DC Comics said the pair will become romantically involved in the upcoming fifth issue, after Jon “mentally and physically burns out from trying to save everyone that he can”.

The plot is yet to be revealed, but DC has released images of the pair sharing a kiss.


Series writer Tom Taylor told the BBC that DC was already thinking of making the character bisexual. When he was first offered the job, he pondered “what Superman should be today.”

“It struck me that it would be a real missed opportunity if we replaced Clark Kent with another straight white saviour,” said Taylor.

The news has received some backlash from online trolls, but there has been lots of positive feedback.

“We have people saying they read this news today and burst into tears – people saying they never thought in their life that they would be able to see themselves in Superman… literally the most powerful superhero in comics,” Taylor says.


“You’ll always have people who’ll use the old line of ‘don’t put politics into comics’ – forgetting that every single comic book story ever has been political in some way,” he notes. “People who don’t realise that the [Marvel comic series] X-Men were an analogy for the civil rights movement.”

“‘This Superman is fighting for things that concern me’” he added.

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