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Twitch ‘Hot Tub’ Streamer Amouranth Gets Ads Back




Twitch streamer Amouranth, who brought ‘hot tub streams’ to prominence, has had ad revenue restored to her channel after being demonetised.

‘Hot tub’ streams became popular on the platform this year and Amouranth whose channel has over 2.9 million followers – has been largely credited with their success.

Controversy has surrounded the streams, with many people claiming the content to be sexual in nature and therefore against Twitch rules and guidelines.

Twitch has previously banned individuals for inappropriate clothing and has faced complaints of double standards.


Hot tub streams ordinarily feature people in swimsuits for several hours.

These streams have recently been given their own category after complaints that using the ‘Just Chatting’ category was allowing younger viewers to discover adult content and damaging Twitch recommendations.

Twitch’s decision to demonetise Amouranth’s channel seemed to be part of a new position not to ‘reward’ people for hot tub streams.

Amouranth had said she would talk to Twitch but suggested she was ready to walk away from hot tub streams in light of the decision.


Perhaps in response to their conversation, Twitch has now restored Amouranth’s ad revenue, though she is set to receive far less profit than she previously enjoyed.

In a recent stream, Amouranth explained: “For comparison, before demonetisation, I was getting $1000 a day in advertisements.”

“Yesterday, I streamed for like 15 hours, had a 15,000 viewer average, and had $130 in ad revenue.”

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