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Demi Jones Targeted by “Nasty” Trolls After Cancer Diagnosis




Demi Jones revealed on Good Morning Britain that she has been subjected to abuse online since sharing the news of her cancer diagnosis.

The 22-year-old shared her shocking news on Friday but said she was, “staying very positive.”

In a conversation with the hosts of Good Morning Britain, Jones discussed her diagnosis and her difficulties securing appointments due to the pandemic.

“Every single month it kept getting cancelled,” The former Love Island star admitted. “I was so close to just going private and paying because I was so scared […] I was eventually seen in April and when I was seen I had my ultrasound, I had my blood tests – both came back absolutely fine, and they went to send me on my way.”


“But I knew because of [her stepfather] I had to ask for more. Is there any more scanning you can do, testing you can do? And they offered to drain the fluid and it was that that came back as potentially cancerous.”

Jones was bombarded by support from friends and fans over the weekend but said, “even with my cancer I’ve had still nasty comments. Saying she’s this, she’s that and I woke up and saw it on my Instagram and just thought oh, it’s ridiculous.”

“I don’t respond to anything. I never respond to trolling on social media – its not worth my time.” Said Jones when asked how she responds to the wild accusations. “It makes me sad. I’m not lying about this at all so, it’s a really serious thing and I don’t want to be going through this.”

Demi Jones is encouraging everyone, regardless of age, to check for lumps and to push for appointments.


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