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Usher Sexual Battery Lawsuit Dismissed



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A sexual battery lawsuit filed by Quantasia Sharpton against Usher has been dismissed. 

In legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, the alleged victim, Quantasia, has filed to dismiss the case via her attorney Lisa Bloom.

We are unable to confirm if this was settled outside the court or if the alleged victim wanted the case dropping against the singer.

Quantasia and two Jane Doe’s filed a lawsuit against the Yeah! singer that stated they all had sexual relations with him furthering that he put their health at risk by giving them all a sexually transmitted disease — an allegation that he denies.


According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe claimed that Usher allegedly failed to notify them of an alleged diagnosis with a sexually transmitted disease, with Quantasia claiming that she and Usher had sex in Atlantic City on her birthday after a performance.

Usher went to the court and demanded that she was sanctioned and accused her of refusing to answer questions during her deposition where his team begged for questions to be answered regarding Doe’s medical history, but her lawyer insisted the answers weren’t to be provided as it was an invasion of her privacy.

The dismissal comes just one day before a case status update was supposed to be held in court — the parties involved have argued over taking the case to mediation where an agreement could be reached with the case being scheduled to head to trial in 2020.

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