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‘Vampire Diaries’ Alice Evans Screams At YouTuber In Car Park



? William D. Moss/unCrazed Composite

Vampire Diaries actress Alice Evans, who played Esther Mikaelson in the series, screamed at a YouTuber over a parking bay. 

The 48-year-old was captured on video by Kayla Lashae shouting at her for allegedly bumping her vehicle.

Turns out, it was potentially Evans’ fault to which she defends her actions by claiming Lashae’s vehicle is a “massive gas-guzzling car” — further claiming that because of Kayla’s “massive” Jeep Wrangler, she was unable to easily get her vehicle parked.

According to the vlogger, she has filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department who are now looking into the incident; Alice is said to have backed into another vehicle and allegedly drove away without exchanging details or providing her information in the form of a note.

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