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William J. O’Malley Accused Of Sexual Abuse By Former Student



? McQuaid Jesuit High School/unCrazed Composite

William J. O’Malley who played the priest in the 1973 horror flick, The Exorcist, has been accused of sexually abusing a student. 

The real-life, who played Father Dyer in The Exorcist, has been accused of repeatedly sexually abusing one of his students at a Jesuit High School in New York.

According to the legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, Father William allegedly sexually assaulted a then 17-year-old student “multiple times” in 1985 and 1986 in a classroom and hallways.

McQuaid officials are saying they hold no records of any sexual abuse complaints against Father O’Malley, who left McQuaid High after that school year and started working at Fordham Prep in the Bronx.


Under a New York’s new Child Victim Act, an alleged victim has a 1-year window to make a claim that would have previously expired under the statute of limitations; the lawsuit was filed earlier this week under the new Act.

In 2012, William was dismissed from Fordham Prep School for allegedly having an “abrasive” old-school teaching style, and he now lives at Fordham University aged 87.

William is not a defendant as the lawsuit was filed against the Rochester diocese and multiple schools and churches.

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