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Zoe Saldana Spotted Heading To ‘The Today Show’



Zoe Saldana The Today Show

Actress Zoe Saldana has been spotted on the streets of New York, heading over to The Today Show studios.

The Avatar star was seen exiting her hotel, after arriving in NYC this weekend.

Zoe smiled for the cameras as she headed to The Today Show, or just Today, wearing a long black coat over a long black dress with an orange and white pattern.

The star paired the outfit with orange heels and gold accessories.

Zoe Saldana The Today Show

? Splash News

Saldana is currently working on the upcoming instalment of Guardians of the Galaxy, as she reprises her character Gamora.

This is the third volume of GotG, featuring Chris Pratt, and the release date currently stands at May 5, 2023. The date may change, as it has already moved several times due to delays.

Production began back in November, as director James Gunn shared an image to his Twitter at the time expressing his excitement over the first day back on set. You can see this and read more about it here.

A month prior to this, actor Will Poulter was confirmed also via Gunn’s Twitter to be joining the cast, portraying character Adam Warlock.

Gunn was previously fired by Disney after old, controversial tweets of his resurfaced but, after Marvel cast members spoke in his defence, he was re-instated as director, although this will be his last feature with Marvel.


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