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‘Bikini Climber’, GiGi Wu, Dies After Falling And Freezing To Death



? GiGi Wu/Facebook

GiGi Wu, better known as Bikini Climber, has died aged 36, after falling and freezing to death. 

The bikini-climber was embarking on a 25-day hike when she stumbled 65-feet down Central Taiwan’s Yishan Mountain.

According to reports, due to the fall and impact, she sustained injuries to her leg and was unable to move — leaving her in extremely cold temperatures.

Weather conditions prevented emergency responders from locating her until it was too late. Unfortunately, GiGi was stranded for almost 28 hours — she was rescued and airlifted out of the mountain but was sadly pronounced dead.


GiGi had a huge following on social media, documenting her travels and sharing images of mountaintops wearing just a bikini.

Followers of her journies have expressed their condolences, “thank you for bringing us countless beautiful scenery, blessings to your soul,” with another commenter saying, “In the eyes of people who like climbing, you are a standard, professional climber, admirable! Be an angel in your favourite mountain forest,”.

Rest in Peace.