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Bobby Brown: Allegedly JetBlue’s Fault He Was Thrown Off Plane



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UPDATE at 21:26: JetBlue are to blame for Bobby being thrown off the plane … according to a source. The airline accused him of causing a scene and being disruptive before the plane left the ground, leading them to remove him off the plane. A source has stated he was not disruptive and didn’t interfere with the investigation regarding another passenger. He did admit to law enforcement that he was drinking before the flight but that is water under the bridge — he wasn’t in the wrong.

Bobby Brown has been removed from an airline flight after an alleged altercation onboard. 

The entire plane had to be deboarded as law enforcement conducted an investigation into an alleged altercation on board in first class that involved the songwriter.

Due to the lengthy process of obtaining the accurate information during the investigation, the airline ordered everyone off the plane — leaving Bobby to miss his flight in the process.


According to, he was heard yelling to officers that he needed to get to his brother’s funeral. Cops were able to calm him down, and eventually, everyone, minus Bobby, was allowed back on the plane … after an hours delay.

A video has been posted to Bobby’s Instagram that pays tribute to his late cousin, Billy — his brother passed away in 2016 — the funeral is for his cousin.

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