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Brooklyn Nets Donate $50,000 To Victims Of NYC Shooting




NBA side Brooklyn Nets have announced donations for the victims of “devastating” attack.

At least 10 people were shot by a gunman, ESPN reports, at the station close to the Nets practice centre in Brooklyn.

Police are continuing to search for the suspect who fled the scene shortly after the attack.

Nets player Kevin Durant began to hear about the attack through team texts.


“They sent us a text saying there might be some traffic but I don’t know why,” Durant said. “And then you look through your phone and see stuff. I hate violence, I hate senseless violence.”

The Nets acknowledged the attack prior to their game on Tuesday night. They also announced that they would donate $50,000 – along with New York Liberty Foundation – toward helping the victims.

“It’s devastating,” Durant continued. “I don’t know the details. To hear the sirens out front of the practice facility and see so much commotion going on outside, you hope and pray for the best for everybody involved.”

Nets coach Steve Nash adds: “We saw a side of life today that is ugly, disappointing and can, I think, at times be worrisome for people in the community.


“But it’s more important now for our community to look at how to support each other and continue to live with conviction and find ways that we can overcome.”

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