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Don Cheadle Won’t Go On Press Tours With Mark Ruffalo Anymore



? Bob Bekian

Don Cheadle and Mark Ruffalo — you can’t quite tell if they enjoy each others company or if they just play up for the cameras. 

Recently during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Don revealed that he will no longer do any press tours with Mark, saying, “He runs his mouth a lot,” — yes, he really does.

In July 2017, Don and Mark were doing a press tour and during their appearance on Good Morning America, Don wasn’t very impressed with Mark’s impulsive desire to reveal the superhero’s have a rough time in Avengers: Infinity War saying, “Wait ’til you see this next one. Everybody dies,” with Don interrupting, “Dude!”… it gets awkward:

Don explained, “why do I need that hassle?… I don’t need to be sitting next to him when he blows the whole reveal of the movie. Him, Tom Holland, they both… little chatty.” — perhaps Marvel should sensor every other word during press tours to prevent any mishaps such as this again.