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Kevin Hart Ordered To Pay $700k In Legal Battle



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Kevin Hart has been ordered to pay $700,000 to former business partners in a legal battle. 

The comedian was ordered by a New York judge to pay his ex-business partners at iGo Marketing & Entertainment — accusing him of taking millions from their pocket.

According to legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, a judge ordered, “that defendants shall remit payment to the plaintiff in the total amount of $701,539.73 within sixty (60) days of the date of this Order.”

This legal battle has been ongoing for the last two years, with this decision and order brought in by the judge bringing an end to the case.


iGo Marketing & Entertainment sued Kevin in 2017 claiming he entered a deal with them to negotiate marketing and celebrity tie-in deals on behalf of the comedian.

A 15% cut of all deals was negotiated between Kevin and the company, but according to their lawsuit, the Scary Movie actor had multiple deals secured with various organisations, all sought out by iGo Marketing & Entertainment. Deals included Electronic ArtsVitamin WaterCoke-Zero and Verizon Wireless — others were mentioned within the lawsuit.

In 2015, the deal was off after Kevin terminated the contract between him and iGo — they later sued for breach of contract and were seeking $1.8 million after they claimed he did not pay them their 15% on a three-year deal between Kevin and Rally Healthcare.

A counter-sue, Kevin accused iGo of allegedly using his name and likeness for marketing without permission — and said he never had a written agreement with the company.


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