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Marilyn Manson Sues Evan Rachel Wood For Defamation




Marilyn Manson has filed a lawsuit against his ex-fiancee Evan Rachel Wood over her allegations of sexual and physical abuse.

The Westworld actress named Manson as her abuser in an Instagram post in February of 2021, having previously addressed Congress as a survivor of sexual assault.

According to legal documents obtained by Deadline, Manson (whose real name is Brian Warner) claims that Wood and an accomplice hacked into his computer and manufactured fake evidence to support their allegations against him.

Filing the lawsuit at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday, Manson said that Wood and Ashley “Illma” Gore had conspired to wrongfully depict him as “a rapist and abuser”. The filing went on to describe their claims as “a malicious falsehood that had derailed Warner’s successful music, TV, and film career.”


Extraordinarily, the complaint also alleges that Wood and Gore impersonated an FBI agent and distributed a forged letter under their name to support the idea that Manson was dangerous. The filing added that “prospective accusers” were provided “checklists and scripts” from the defendants.

“We’re filing this now because we have been able to gather an overwhelming trove of evidence,” cited the complaint. “Including both documents and witness statements – which proves that the stories that Evan Rachel Wood and her co-conspirator Illma Gore have been falsifying and spreading are both vindictive and demonstrably untrue.”

Wood is one of a number of women to accuse Manson of abuse in recent years. His other accusers include his former assistant Ashley Walters and ex-girlfriend Esme Bianco who are currently suing him for compensation.

Phoenix Rising, a documentary detailing Wood’s allegations against Manson, is due to premiere on HBO Max on March 15.


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