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Mike Posner Bitten By Rattlesnake On 16-Mile Trek



? Instagram/Mike Posner/unCrazed Composite

Mike Posner is trekking the United States but yesterday ran into a problem that stopped his walk. 

The singer-songwriter was walking across Colorado on Wednesday when he was bitten by a rattlesnake — he had already walked 16 miles that day and wanted to carry on for another 8 miles.

The baby rattlesnake apparently jumped out of nowhere and bit his left leg, which according to Mike, “That venom is no joke!” with the venom causing swelling to his ankle and required airlifting to the hospital.

He received anti-venom just in time and expects to be recovering in the hospital for the next few days before continuing his journey, but at the moment he is appreciating the air conditioning and a comfy bed.


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