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Perez Hilton Could Face TikTok Ban After Petition Signed By Thousands Reaches Goal




Perez Hilton faces TikTok ban after a petition against the gossip blogger using the application is signed by thousands.

The 42-year-old actor and blogger started trending on Twitter over the weekend after a petition started that makes it clear: teenagers want him off the app.

In the write up for the petition, it reads, “Perez Hilton is SCARY. Plain and simple. He is currently 42 years old and attacks young teenagers (15 years old) for wearing BATHING SUITS. He is problematic and spreads negativity on the app, TikTok.

His whole career is based off of creating drama – which is something we seriously don’t need right now. Perez is a middle-aged man and earns a living by attacking young kids for just having fun. CANCEL HIM, or at least BAN HIM from TikTok. His videos are inappropriate and should be taken down, period.”


A video posted by Hilton several weeks ago started a debate on social media that saw people demanding he’s removed from TikTok after he shared a video that allegedly suggests he’s rubbing his genitals on camera; something he mentioned on a TikTok live stream a week later when unCrazed asked if part 2 would be released, to which he said, “I am working on a part 2 unCrazed, don’t you worry,”

The petition, started by Delara Panahi, has already suppressed 20,000 signatures, with a goal of 25,000. It is unclear whether TikTok will respond to the petition, however speaking to a source connected to the social networking platform, it is very unlikely a ban will happen due to a major breach in the terms of service needed to implement a ban.


Our source claims it would be far stretched to take a stance against a content creator based on a viral petition, saying if a creator breaches the terms of service, TikTok typically restricts certain functions, i.e. disabling commenting abilities, live stream access or would remove a video that breaches the terms and conditions.

We asked Perez, what do you want to say about the petition…?, to which he said, “I love the petition. I applaud the energy behind it. It genuinely thrills me that it has over 20,000 signatures already; I hope that number doubles or triples over the next 24 hours and it’s my sincere wish that all those people who signed it also check out my TikTok account and leave me comments there!”

If you’re interested, check out his TikTok account here, and the rapidly signed petition here.

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