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Shia LaBeouf Thanks Police Officer From 2017 Arrest



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Shia LaBeouf gave his acceptance speech at the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday.

During his acceptance speech, Shia spoke about his arrest in 2017 where he was booked for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and obstruction.

The 33-year-old was presented with a trophy by Roberty Downey Jr. for Best Screenplay with the Iron Man star saying it was a “damn near perfect screenplay,” for his new film Honey Boy — which is a film inspired by his own life growing up in Hollywood.

LaBeouf said, “I want to thank the police officer who arrested me in Georgia for changing my life. I want to thank my therapist and my sponsor for saving my life. I want to thank my ‘Honey Boy’ team for documenting and exhibiting my life.


I want to thank my team for being a part of my life, and my parents for giving me life. And you, Robert, for living a life a guy like me could look up to.”

In an interview with Esquire, Shia previously told them “what went on in Georgia was mortifying. White privilege and desperation and disaster. It came from a place of self-centred delusion. It was me trying to absolve myself of guilt for getting arrested.”

Honey Boy will be released on November 8, 2019.

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