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Tom Ellis Reveals The Prop He Took From ‘Lucifer’ Set




Tom Ellis revealed he took home a prop from the set of Lucifer after filming the sixth and final season.

“I had my eye on Lucifer’s Corvette. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out”, Ellis joked in an interview with Collider

“There was something in Lucifer’s bedroom that’s quite phallic looking and has lots of intricate carvings on it. It looks like an elephant tusk, but I can guarantee you that it isn’t.”

“It’s plastic, otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have taken it home.”


“Even though that wasn’t heavily featured in Lucifer, it was certainly heavily featured in jokes between takes.”

Asked whether the show was really ending and how he felt about it, Ellis seemed upbeat.

“In the incarnation of Lucifer that we know as a TV show, for sure, that’s it. We’ve done nearly a hundred episodes of the show. I think that is a lot of episodes of television.”

“If we were to do three or four more seasons of Lucifer, I think there would be people out there going ‘why are they still making that show?’ whereas now, it just feels like the right time.”


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