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Tupac Shakur Auction For Prison I.D. Card Starting At $2,000



? Heritage Auctions/unCrazed Composite

Tupac Shakur’s first prison identification card from his infamous 1995 incarceration is up for auction next month. 

He is the most famous person to have been incarcerated at Clinton Correctional Facility in New York, and for a starting bid of $2,000, you could own the original version.

Servicing nine-months after being convicted on sexual assault charges, he was required to carry his I.D. card to identify himself upon request behind bars.

Embedded into the card is his signature, that Tupac signed two weeks after starting his sentence on Valentine’s Day.


We reported that during his stint, the Changes rapper sent a love letter to his then-girlfriend, which included sex scenes that represented them.

It sold for $21,000 earlier this year, and Heritage Auctions expect the I.D. card to land in the winning auctioneers pocket for $6,000 maximum.

The bidding will start at $2,000 on July 1.

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