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Tyler The Creator Tells Fans To “Stop Throwing [Their] Sh*t” On Stage




Tyler The Creator has asked his fans to refrain from throwing objects on stage during his live concerts. 

The 31-year-old rapper is currently in the midst of the US leg of his Call Me If You Get Lost tour, and it seems as if he’s fed up with his audiences throwing things at him during his shows.

“Stop throwing your sh*t on stage. I don’t want it,” Tyler wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. “Now mid show i gotta move it. What’s the logic? F*cking stop. Thanks b.

After Tyler made the request, a fan replied with a video in which the rapper can be seen scolding a member of the audience who threw something on stage at one of his recent shows.


“I don’t understand the logic of throwing your shit up here. Not only for safety reasons, but bro, I don’t want your sh*t. I don’t want it,” Tyler says in the clip.

“Like, not even being funny. Every show someone throws something up here, and I don’t understand the logic. Why do you think I want your sh*t?”

Tyler continued: “Then if I slip and break my foot…stop throwing that f*cking sh*t up here bro. Now you look stupid.”

Check out the clip below.


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