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Wayne Brady Is Self Isolating With His Ex-Wife & Her Boyfriend




Comedian Wayne Brady recently spoke with Access Hollywood about his unique situation.

He explained that he is in self-isolation with his 17-year-old daughter Maile, as well as his ex-wife Mandie Taketa and her boyfriend.

“My ex-wife Mandie and I, we have a different and a very special situation than a lot of people that co-parent … For the entire duration of [Malie’s] life, we have co-parented as best friends,” Brady explained, adding that he and Taketa “live virtually next door to each other.”

“Our quarantining is a little different, we quarantine between both of our homes and I’ve got a big backyard and lots of land, so we both share this land and this space,” Brady said. “Mandie, her boyfriend Jason, my daughter Maile, we are a family, so we’re like this new, nuclear family…”



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Co parenting and the evils of click bait

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He goes on to talk about how moments like this have brought his family closer and revealed what he has been doing to pass the time.

“So we’ve been doing TikToks, we’ve been playing board games, we played spades, hearts, we’ve been in my studio writing songs together and freestyling, walking the dogs … It’s an amazing time for family because it’s kind of like a time out.”

Brady recently became the winner on FOX’s The Masked Singer, where he appeared as The Fox.

“Trust me, when you win something, that kind of helps you sleep well at night,” he joked.


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