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EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With TikTok’s Gemini31292



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TikTok, originally known as, launched worldwide in 2016 and is available on most smartphones.

Created by Chinese developers ByteDance, the application has over 500 million monthly active users. In the first half of 2018, it became the most downloaded app on Apple’s App Store, surpassing PUBG Mobile, WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram in the same timeframe.

Some of the most followed content creators include Lisa and Lena with over 30 million followers, Loren Gray with over 29 million followers and Chen He with over 50 million followers.

The platform itself generates thousands of hours of content a day and has more international users than Twitter alone.

We spoke with Paul Bryant, also known as Gemini31292 on TikTok, who is a content creator pursuing his dream of becoming a mainstream actor.

Paul is best known for his comedy sketches and in his words “big lips” that enables him to make his content even more unique.

Originally, Paul signed up to the once popular short-video social network platform, Vine, which ceased in 2017, six years after Twitter bought the company, leaving millions without meme-worthy videos.

Fast-forward to 2019, TikTok has grown beyond expectation and we are fortunate enough to have spoken with one of the popular creators.

Gemini31292 has almost 700,000 followers with a large majority of videos receiving over 20,000 likes (hearts) and tens of thousands of views. In this interview, we discuss the reasoning behind Paul’s hilarious videos, in what direction Paul believes TikTok will go and the life of a social media influencer — is it what we all expect?

You can follow Paul on social media:

TikTok: Gemini31292

Snapchat: Pabj29

Instagram: @Gemini31292

YouTube: Gemini31292

Merchandise: Gemini Merch


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