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Jermaine Jackson Settles Divorce Battle



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Jermaine Jackson has settled his divorce battle with his now ex-wife, Halima Rashid. 

According to legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, the former couple are each awarded any community property currently in their possession.

Halima is able to keep all her bank accounts and investments, including any interest in a water company along with her jewellery, clothes and earnings made after the separation and before the marriage.

Jermaine keeps all of his own personal belongings and all money made before the marriage, however, both parties terminate their right to spousal supporter — which he paid her $2,500 per month in temporary support.


In 2016, Halima filed for divorce following a domestic violence incident between the pair where she allegedly bit Jermaine’s leg, but the criminal case was dismissed by prosecutors.


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Earlier this year, it was alleged by Jermaine that Halima was collecting royalties from his music without his knowledge for years, and claimed she transferred $250,000 of their money to a third party.

The royalties she collected totalled $93,991.12, which he believes is his money.

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