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‘The Lone Ranger’ Star Armie Hammer Leaked DMs Admitting Being A Cannibal Are Fake




Armie Hammer has been trending on Twitter after DMs alleging to be from the actor were leaked.

The 34-year-old The Lone Ranger actor became the centre of attention on social media after a user leaked messages alleging to have been sent from Hammer’s Instagram account showing him to admit to being a cannibal.

unCrazed did some digging and although we weren’t convinced the screenshots were genuine anyway, the individual behind the leaked messages came forward to another user.


Speaking to a source heavily connected to the Rebecca actor, we’re told the DMs are completely made up. According to our source, he barely manages his own Instagram account and for him to even risk his entire career to admit he’s a cannibal on an auditable platform just proves in itself its made up.



You can rest easy knowing Hollywood’s beloved star hasn’t eaten a heart after cutting it out of an animal — a quote from the leaked DMs suggests.


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