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James Charles Farted “50 Times” During Taping Of ‘Instant Influencer’ Finale




James Charles has admitted that during the taping of the finale of Instant Influencer he couldn’t stop letting out trumps.

The 20-year-old beauty guru has created a hugely popular YouTube series where he wants to find the next beauty influencer.

Co-star and judge Norvina wrote on social media, “If anyone was wondering why I kept making this face, it’s because [James Charles] was farting every 3 minutes. He was blowing me up… I was trying so hard not to laugh, and I wanted to kill him because there were 10 cameras locked on us the whole time.”

In response, Charles admitted to the flatulence allegation made against him, saying, “HAHAHAHAHA I don’t remember what I ate but I farted at least 50 times during the finale … we were all cracking up,”

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